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Join my live mentoring to learn Amazon FBA and learn and action proven strategies for building a profitable , successful business on Amazon. Whether you're a beginner or looking to scale your business, my comprehensive live mentoring will help you grow a successful amazon business 

Do you feel like you want a new start because your sick of your 9-5?


But maybe you need guidance and help and a mentor...


Maybe you have tried other side hussles and they havent worked ...


Or maybe you have never ran a business ...


This Amazon  fba course was created for people who want to ...

Replace there 9-5 income , Make 6 figures or maybe just want extra incom..


due to the cost of living crisis... 


I am Charlotte and before i Started by amazon fba business i was waitressing. Alot has changed since then!

I Started in September 2021 and in 2022 i made 6 figures revenue...

I started with £2000 by buying products from existing suppliers  and reselling them on amazon...

I have scaled up alot since then  and now i coach others to become financially through Amazon fba...



 You get 6
1 hour Live sessions

Access to the
Online portal !

Welcome to this Course!
Course Overview.
How to get the most out of this course ?
The Amazon FBA wholesale model.
How much Money do you need ?
Business , Company , And Amazon Seller name.
Why mindset / Goal Setting is so important.

The different Amazon fba models.

Module 2 
Introduction to seller central.
Setting up A business bank account / ltd company.
Opening a amazon central seller account STEP BY STEP.
Signing up to jungle scout and keeper(buy bot pro optional)
Opening and amazon seller account TIPS.
How to avoid getting suspended or banned.
How to deal with seller support?

Module 3
How to know, how many units to purchase?
How to print labels and box labels?
How to Book Ups?
Tips and tricks when sending inventory in / resources.
The Process of how i source Profitable produ
Organizing your Business (Product sourcer template)
Sourcing Tips and Tricks.

Module 4
The importance of Bookeeping.
Tax and vat infomation.
Getting a business address and business email.
Creating your dummy website.
If they dont ask you techincally dont need to tell them.
Contacting suppliers.
Emailing vs calling suppliers.
How to prep items Step by Step?


Module 5

Finding Products Through Trade Shows.

Asking Supplier for Additional Discount.

First Order With supplier.

Calculating Profits (amazon fba calculotor, Buybot pro)

Inventory Planning / Stock mangement.

Hazmat Selling.

Module 6

Linkedin profile.

Messaging ebay sellers.

How to Really succeed with Amazon.

VA vitual Assistant.

Businessman typing on laptop
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You have 1 to 1 WhatsApp messaging from


9am -7pm mon to friday

Previous Clients

(Started live Mentoring in March 2023)
"I just want to start of by saying a big thank you to Charlotte for helping me and guiding me about learning how to find profitable wholesalers and brands she goes in depth the steps you have to do to find new brands she is very easy to listen to and a excellent mentor would 100% recommend her"

Gardner ,Amazon fba seller

Still Not Sure 

Email or whatsapp me with any questions you have!


Thanks for submitting!

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